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Travel Edition: Chile

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Hi everyone! I know I created this blog to talk about my creative organization and decoration ideas, but a blog should change as a person's life changes right? So every now and then, depending on how much I travel, I'm going to write a 'Travel Edition' post. I'm going to cover different challenges that I have had to encounter while travelling to Chile and now moving to Belgium. Yep you heard right ladies and gentlemen. For 3-6 months, I will be living in Belgium for work! I'm so honored to be given this opportunity. 
My first view of Chile from the plane

So for my first edition, I wanted to give some advice and hints about Chile, since this country is a little different from the rest of South America.

Santiago at night

Most of Chile is in the Eastern time zone. During the Northern hemisphere's summer/Chile's Winter, both are on the Eastern Time Zone. However, during the Northern Hemisphere's Winter/Chile's Summer the time is different by around 2 hours because of Day Light Savings Time.

View of the mountains from Puento Alto

The water is fine to drink in Chile. All of its water comes down from the mountains. I stayed down here for 5 weeks in a row and never encountered Montezuma's Revenge. 

This made me giggle too much. Drive thru for McDonalds

Santiago is a lot like San Francisco in weather and the atmosphere. It is a very artsy kind of town and full of young people. 

The "River" that flows through Santiago

One of the best things here is that if you don't speak Spanish, its ok. A lot of people are very friendly and will still help you out. Watch out for cabs though. They like to rip tourists off sometimes and charge higher rates.


If you want to learn a little bit of Spanish, Doulingo is a great app to get you started. It can teach you basic words to full sentences.

It rarely ever rains here because Chile is a thin slice between the ocean the mountains. This creates a perfect climate for wine though!

Me at the Undurraga Winery

Chile is often called the Europe of South America. I think it is because it is the most urbanized and stable country. There is even a district called 'Sanhattan' because that is where the wealthy people in Santiago live.

Me at the Concho Y Toro Winery

The biggest difference from the US is that waiters/waitresses are not allowed to take your credit card away from the table. They bring little tiny credit card machines to you and swipe the card in front of you. Watch out though because they do ask if you want to pay for your dinner in installments. 

View from my hotel

Its also customary to always tip 10%. Giving a smaller tip is considered rude. 

Pisco Sour!

Finally, drink a Pisco Sour! Pisco is a South American brandy and it is really good!

Happy Travels!

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