Monday, April 28, 2014

Is DIY for You?

I just read this really interesting article on Houzz called "8 Reasons to Jump Off the DIY Bandwagon" (found here). It makes a lot of sense. Everyone on the internet is all about do it yourself and being an original lately. Even I can be guilty of that. However, I agree with them on a lot of points. DIY can get really expensive, and if you don't have a creative bone in your body, why try? I am not trying to say that you shouldn't try if you really want to. Its just that there are times when I know I need something but can't be creative. It is better to buy things and have them come perfect and ready to go. You just need to find the balance.

Take me for example. Yes, I love to create something from scratch, but if I can justify paying for exactly what I need, I will. I have gone to tons of antique stores and found the exact thing I needed for under the price I was willing to pay. I'm supporting local businesses by doing that, and honestly, I love something with a little history to it. Readers, what do you think? Should it be DIY all of the time or do what you can, buy the rest?

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Cleaning 101: Pinterest Boards

In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I have decided to clean up my Pinterest boards. I have thankfully been able to organize my blog one really well, but my personal one? Not so much.

I have so many boards already! Most of my boards have over 300 pins. I need to do a bit of cleaning. Because what if I'm looking for that one particular pin in all of my boards?

You can see here that my generic beauty one is 581 pins! How in the world will I ever be able to find that one pin I'm looking for? Well here is my solution.

First, see what you already have available. I have a lot, and so I'm going to do it like paying off credit card debt. Start with the boards that need to be edited. List them in order of the lowest number of pins first. The boards of mine that need to be edited in order are:

DIY - 294 Pins
Craft Ideas - 350 Pins
Entrees - 364 Pins
Apartments - 373 Pins
Clothes - 387 Pins
Get Skinny - 578 Pins
Beauty - 581 Pins
For the Home - 621 Pins

So I start with DIY. 

I have a wide range of things in my DIY board, but from what I can tell, they break down into a couple of categories. Mainly, cleaning, helpful tips, how tos, beauty, and a basic, catch-all DIY. So I created new boards for DIY with subcategories. 

Then, here is the hardest part of all. Go to each pin, click edit, and change the board it is stored under. Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn't let you move multiple pins at once. 

During this time, filter out the pins that no longer apply anymore and if the link is broken (a random click on a link every now and then will do). Why do you want to keep it if it a) doesn't matter anymore or b) the link doesn't even work? Don't forget to put the pins back in their proper boards!

Once you are done, start on the next board. 

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