Monday, June 29, 2015

Top Tips for Disneyland Paris Resort: Walt Disney Studios Park

This park has some very big differences from the Magic Kingdom park in Disneyland Paris. For starters, they brought in the single rider line, which made it quite easy for me to conquer this park in less than 5 hours. So that makes a maximum of three different lines you could enter the ride by: the single rider, the fast pass, and the normal line. Please remember, the single rider line WILL split you up! So many people take it because it is the shorter line, and then get upset when their group is split up. You will also bypass a lot of the exhibits that usually happens along the way in the line. If you want to see those, best stick to the normal line.

Crush's Coaster does not have a fast pass line. It is the only ride I could find that would actually need it though besides Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster.

Bag storage is available on all rides when you cannot place it at your feet. If there is no bag storage, that means it is safe to wrap it around your legs and put the bag under your legs. My camera bag stayed safe and sound that way!

Like in Magic Kingdom, Disney Studios showcases similar rides as Disney World Florida or the Original DisneyLand. Rockin' roller coaster is one of them, but it is a lot more bumpy and jerky. My head started to hurt about halfway through. Tower of Terror also looked similar, but I have a fear of falling so I didn't try it.

Get here early! I arrived at 9:45 AM and was able to conquer a lot of the rides before 11:00 AM. It might have also been since that day was supposed to rain. Only the determined and those who already paid probably showed up.

This park is a VERY small park. If I had to guess, I would say this whole park is the about the size of Fantasyland. Maybe slightly bigger since it needed to be a whole park. Google says it comes in at 62 acres though.

Don't forget to pay your respects to Mickey and Mr. Walt Disney as you walk in!

And remember everyone, this all began with a mouse. <3

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Crazy Love Post: June 26, 2015

Notice something new? Thats right! Another Redesign! Sorry for if anyone hated the way it looked. Hopefully it is better now! I'm still learning more about html and coding for blogging. Maybe someday I can start web classes about it or something. Until then, I'll stick to what I know.


If any of my family or friends are out there reading this, you'll already know that this is my last week in Belgium. I am full of thankfulness and cheer for the fact that I had the opportunity to come here. When I leave Antwerp for good, I'm not sure what I will do. I'll probably start listening to Wicked's "For Good" over and over. Because, honestly, that is what experiences like this do to you. You never know what will happen when you decide to do an experience like this. It can become a life changing event for both the good and bad.

Here are a couple of international links to get your through your weekend:

I love when music brings people together. Watch this video of people from all over coming together to play "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"

Whats a chocolate lover to do? All Cadbury chocolates are now banned from import!

P.S. I can't wait to go home. Can anyone guess what the first thing I will do is? Check out my Instagram on Sunday to find out!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Basics of DIY Blog Designing

I play around my with my Blog Code Design a lot. I know it is not perfect yet, but I just don't have a reason to pay for some one to make my blog look completely amazing right now. I'm okay with trying to figure it out myself. Here are some tips and tricks on how I created all of my various bits and pieces. I couldn't find a compilation of information like this, and so I hope I am helping someone else in need out there! This is not the normal "how to pick your color scheme" or anything like that. There are plenty of posts out there about those topics. This is more about how to code certain aspects or how to do nifty things in Blogger.

I started out with one of the Simple templates on Blogger and then I figured out my own color scheme. It is definitely still in the works, but I like the direction I am going. I first test everything on another blog, called my "Test'" blog. I know. The name is SO original, but it really useful. I figure out what code works and what doesn't. Then, I put it on this blog to finalize it. You can check out my Test Blog here if you want to see a really messy blog. For everything below, I have used it on my blog. If I haven't tried it, it is listed at the very bottom. For each of the topics, I put them into categories the best that I can. I hope this helps you with your blog design!

For The Posts:

Create A Custom PinIt Button

Change PermaLink on Blogger Posts

Import and Export Blog posts and comments

Add a Related Links

Prevent Photos from Being Pinned

Create a Post Divider:

Create your own Social Media Icons
CreativeBloq link
Something Swanky link
HubSpot link
Picons link

Add Signature to Blog Posts

For The Side Bar

Customize Your SideBar Titles in Blogger:

For The Design:

Create Custom Background

Scroll To Top Button

For The Social Media:

Create Rich Pins for Pinterest

For Everything Else:

How to Center Almost Everything

Create a Custom Contact Form

Redirect blog to another blog

AdSense FAQ

Transfer Previous AdSense Account to New Blog [link]
One Account, Multiple Sites [link]
How to Put AdSense Ads on Blogger [link]
Get Started with Ad Code [link]
Create an Ad Unit [link]

    Great Resources for Blogger Tips!

    I Can Build a Blog [link]
    Anna Marie Moore [link]
    Something Swanky [link]
    A Typical English Home [link]

    Things I find Cool:

    Set up a Custom Domain for Blogger [link]
    Add a Recent Posts Widget [link]
    Create a GIF for your blog [link]
    How to Turn Your Own Handwriting Into a Font [link]
    Learn how to Code HTML [link]

    *Please Note: All of these hints and tips are for the Blogger platform. I do not know anything about WordPress or any other platforms. Also, all credit goes to the authors of the blogs in the links above. Nothing is my original work. I just combined them onto one page.

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    Friday, June 19, 2015

    Crazy Love Post: June 19, 2015


    Another week has gone by! I'm super excited because next Sunday I will be travelling back to America for good! It will be so nice to be back. Don't worry though! I still have plenty of adventures and tips to write about.  Here are a couple of videos to get you through the weekend.

    Okay. I'm in love with this choreography. Check out this video by Tricia Miranda with her choregraphy here

    Some people go to the extremes on cutsies in lines. Read about how people fought over a waffle maker here.

    And of course, there has to be a Disney compilation of something in my post. Check out this Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance compilation.

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    Thursday, June 18, 2015

    Why a Good Camera Bag is Important

    So as many of you know, I finally took the plunge and bought what I call "A Big Girl Camera". It's got fancy knobs and comes complete with graphs and buttons that I have no idea what they are used for (I'm working on that, I promise). When I first bought this camera, I decided not to invest in a good camera bag. I did the trendy thing and bought a big cross body  purse and a really sturdy camera case to put into it. "Great idea!" Or so I thought.

    My Trendy Purse that bulging from my camera case
    The structure of this purse is great. So far I have taken it to eight different countries and it hasn't taken on much damage at all. However, my body has taken some damage. I chose a bag based only on it's  carrying capacity and I didn't think about the size of the strap. Compared to the size of my bag, my strap is relatively skinny. This means that it digs into my shoulder when I use it as a camera bag. So, I have decided I need a real camera bag. I need something that is inexpensive but durable. I found a couple of things before for my birthday wish-list that I wanted for my camera, but at the time, I wasn't sure if I was going to commit to the camera completely yet. After a lot of soul searching and online shopping, I finally decided that I will keep photography in my life and I'm going to buy a good structured bag. Introducing the Siena by JoTotes.

    The Siena is a great bag. It comes with a shoulder pad that has been wonderful for my back. It also perfectly holds my wallet, sunglasses, lipstick, and of course, my camera. I can't really bring my spare lens though, but it isn't always needed. It can't hold my little travel tri-pod either. However, for my last couple of trips, its been perfect. JoTotes has some amazing looking bags that are soundly built and are great too look at too. I've also read that these backpacks by PacSafe and CaseLogic are pretty great too.  What do you think readers? Should I have gone with the backpack instead?

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