About Me

Hi there! My name is Heather and I love traveling, photography, crafting, and organizing. I have been living in Atlanta, GA working as a consultant for a little over two years. Last October, I received the wonderful opportunity to go work in Antwerp, Belgium for 6-9 months, and of course, I jumped at it! So almost every weekend was spent traveling to places I've always dreamed of going to someday. I have tried to write about anything I learned during my travels here on my blog. You can find those under the Travels tab if you would like to read them!

As I said before, I love crafting and organizing. I originally started blogging because so many people wanted to know my secret for cooler painting! I have blogged about tips and tricks for my various projects and crafts. You can find all of my craft/organization posts under the "Projects" tab. Now that I am back in the United States, I hope to be able to talk more about organizing and crafting again. I couldn't find any crafting stores in Belgium so sorry I couldn't blog about that for a while!

If you want to contact me about anything, my email is HappinessAndHeather@gmail.com or you can use the contact form in the 'Contact' tab.

I hope you all have a great day!

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