Friday, March 13, 2015

Crazy Love: March 13, 2015

I don't think there is enough motivation in the world. Ok well, maybe there is, but I guess I mean, I don't spread enough motivation to the world. And so, every Friday, I am going to post an image that I find inspiring, motivating, wonderful, or even just down right cute (aka kitty/puppy picture). 

I was once talking to someone about everything I achieved in my lifetime. I never really regarded it as amazing or inspiring because I did not believe at the time that I had overcome anything. I didn't become Valedictorian, solve world hunger, or win a Nobel Peace Prize. However, a lot has happened to me in the past ten years and I didn't even realize it until she responded with "WOW". I survived it all. I don't say that enough. I survived. Yes, I may have crumbled into a tiny ball some days and then on other days, I stood on the top of a mountain. The point is I was able to keep moving forward. You just have to remember that and you can overcome anything. 

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