Monday, December 22, 2014

A Belgium Apartment

Oh my goodness you guys. I've finally got an apartment in Belgium. I'm actually here. I simply cannot believe it. I'm sorry if the quality of these photos aren't the best, but I only have my iPhone right now. In addition, I really only have four windows total. So not that much natural light.

Yes. Unfortunately, that is my kitchen. No oven. There is a microwave, but its hard to use. I'm going to have a hard time baking brownies or cookies here.

Big screen TV and a big couch! Super stoked!

I'm kind of excited about that wardrobe. I can just hop in and pretend I'm in Narnia. 

Its actually a pretty nice place. One of my co-workers has promised to take me to IKEA so hopefully I can give it a little Heather Flair. Also does anyone know if command hooks are sold in Belgium? I was told I can't put any nails in my walls, but they look so blank. I need to do something. :(

The owner calls this a 'desk'. I see a vanity waiting to happen. What do you think of my new place readers?

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