Monday, December 15, 2014

Camera Wish List for Birthday

Is it bad I'm already thinking about what new camera accessories I want, and I don't even have the camera in my hands? I still have two weeks to before I can even touch it (it was shipped to my apartment in the States. I don't get back until December 18th). Then, I need to test it and decide if I should keep it! HOWEVER, if it had it now, I think these are the things that I would buy for it.

1- I really am in love with this bag from ONA. It has the look, the style, and the size that I want. However, $300 is a little much for a bag right now. I have to start saving for a house you know!

2- This is another bag from ONA. Still $300 and just way too expensive. This kind of bag is more for those days you don't need much. Just a wallet, a camera, and your keys. 

3- So this is actually an insert. Say you found a bag that is perfect. It has the look you want. It's the perfect size and color too. However, there is no protection for your camera! Well you can buy one of these guys and voila! That bag is now meant for a camera! And it can still be used as a purse too!

4- I'm actually about this close to buying this bag from Jo Totes. It is classic looking and would go with just about anything. 

5- I'm absolutely in love with this bag. It isn't as professional looking as the other ones, but it is just so darn cute. It has that nautical theme that everyone is into right now. It is also from Jo Totes.  

6- I am absolutely in love with this camera strap. It's purple (my favorite color) and you can monogram it!! Ahhhh!

Do you have a wishlist for your camera? If so, what do you have on it?

Have a great day!

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