Thursday, December 4, 2014

European Travel Edition: Hostel vs Hotel

In my recent trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands, I had the wonderful opportunity of staying in a hostel. I'm using the word 'wonderful' VERY liberally here. 

One of my co-workers loves to stay in Hostels. He thinks they are great experiences to meet new people, which I completely agree with him. However, there are the things like having to wear shower shoes, not knowing if your sheets are clean, and the fact that I could be robbed at any moment, that don't really suit my tastes in living arrangements. 

He is just more of a free spirit than I am. I can stay in Hostels if its for one night. If its more than that, I'm going to draw the line. I think because I have practically lived in a hotel for the past six months, I'm just spoiled now. I like knowing all of my sheets are clean and none of my stuff will be touched. 

Readers, what do you prefer? Hostels or Hotels?

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