Monday, June 22, 2015

Basics of DIY Blog Designing

I play around my with my Blog Code Design a lot. I know it is not perfect yet, but I just don't have a reason to pay for some one to make my blog look completely amazing right now. I'm okay with trying to figure it out myself. Here are some tips and tricks on how I created all of my various bits and pieces. I couldn't find a compilation of information like this, and so I hope I am helping someone else in need out there! This is not the normal "how to pick your color scheme" or anything like that. There are plenty of posts out there about those topics. This is more about how to code certain aspects or how to do nifty things in Blogger.

I started out with one of the Simple templates on Blogger and then I figured out my own color scheme. It is definitely still in the works, but I like the direction I am going. I first test everything on another blog, called my "Test'" blog. I know. The name is SO original, but it really useful. I figure out what code works and what doesn't. Then, I put it on this blog to finalize it. You can check out my Test Blog here if you want to see a really messy blog. For everything below, I have used it on my blog. If I haven't tried it, it is listed at the very bottom. For each of the topics, I put them into categories the best that I can. I hope this helps you with your blog design!

For The Posts:

Create A Custom PinIt Button

Change PermaLink on Blogger Posts

Import and Export Blog posts and comments

Add a Related Links

Prevent Photos from Being Pinned

Create a Post Divider:

Create your own Social Media Icons
CreativeBloq link
Something Swanky link
HubSpot link
Picons link

Add Signature to Blog Posts

For The Side Bar

Customize Your SideBar Titles in Blogger:

For The Design:

Create Custom Background

Scroll To Top Button

For The Social Media:

Create Rich Pins for Pinterest

For Everything Else:

How to Center Almost Everything

Create a Custom Contact Form

Redirect blog to another blog

AdSense FAQ

Transfer Previous AdSense Account to New Blog [link]
One Account, Multiple Sites [link]
How to Put AdSense Ads on Blogger [link]
Get Started with Ad Code [link]
Create an Ad Unit [link]

    Great Resources for Blogger Tips!

    I Can Build a Blog [link]
    Anna Marie Moore [link]
    Something Swanky [link]
    A Typical English Home [link]

    Things I find Cool:

    Set up a Custom Domain for Blogger [link]
    Add a Recent Posts Widget [link]
    Create a GIF for your blog [link]
    How to Turn Your Own Handwriting Into a Font [link]
    Learn how to Code HTML [link]

    *Please Note: All of these hints and tips are for the Blogger platform. I do not know anything about WordPress or any other platforms. Also, all credit goes to the authors of the blogs in the links above. Nothing is my original work. I just combined them onto one page.

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    1. This is a great round-up. Pinning! I have done all my code myself as well.... and still feel like it's not perfect; but in a way I like that ability to tweak it slowly as opposed to paying for a full redesign (not to mention I don't really bring in the money to validate the expense).


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