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Tops Tips for Disneyland Paris: Magic Kingdom Park

As you could guess, traveling to every Disney park is on my bucket list. Since I was here in Europe I decided to go for a weekend. It was the best decision I have ever made. Here are some tips that I would like to pass on to the other Disney lovers out there.

There are a lot of the same rides as in the DisneyLand California or Disney World Park in Florida. Big Thunder Mountain is one of them. However, they try to make sure each ride is a little different. In this one, you actually go under a body of water so that means a long, dark cave. These are not lit at all. If you have someone who is afraid of the dark, this might not be that enjoyable.

Fast passes are available for everyone regardless if you stay in a Disney hotel or not. They still use the old system where you scan your park ticket and receive a ticket with a time slot. They have not upgraded to the new system yet.

Phantom Manor is one of my favorite rides at Disney World Florida. However, the one in Paris Magic Kingdom is super scary. It is kind of like a corpse bride story. It centers around a couple torn apart by death. The groom is killed by a Phantom, and the bride is waiting for eternity for him to come back. She is constantly haunted by the Phantom's laugh throughout the house. There is no joyous, singing ghosts in this house nor hitch-hiking ghosts either. If I had gone to this when I was young, I definitely would have been terrified. It doesn't have the same humorous tone that I was used to. It was a little unnerving.

The park seems smaller than Disney World. It is around 140 acres large, but it only has around 25 attractions and four different "lands". In comparison, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Florida has only 133 acres, but six different "lands" and around 50 attractions. I was able to get almost all of the rides done in Magic Kingdom in one day. There were definitely things I left out (mainly small children rides), but this park can be conquered in one day if you are willing and able.

The main parade was small and short timed. The parade route is extremely small and it cuts the park in two. If you are stuck on the wrong side of the parade, you are forced to sit there until it finishes. It was still enjoyable, but it didn't have much diversity.

Characters are few and far between. Mickey closed at 7 PM and all of the reservation tickets to meet the Princesses were gone by 11 AM (park opened at 10 AM). I would recommend doing these two first since the lines were shorter, and the tickets were reserved so quickly.

Pirates of the Caribbean is another ride that is similar to the one in Disney World. However, this one has more uphill climbs and drops, kind of more like a roller coaster. You are more likely to get wet in this one.

I'm not sure why, but attractions and restaurants start closing at 8 PM. Even though the firework show doesn't start until the park closes, which was around 11 PM for me. I found a nice spot to sit and wait for the fireworks. OH! Something that was VERY different than in Disney World. The closer you get to the castle, the more you are expected to sit to watch the fireworks show. Please don't stand if you don't see everyone else doing it.

You can go in and under the castle! They set up a stained glass storybook story of Sleeping Beauty inside the castle, which leads to my next point.  There is so much more to do outside of the rides and attractions. You can go in and under the castle (BEWARE the dragon!). You can find buried treasure on Pirate's Isle, and travel to Skull Rock as well!

Just going to say it, Indiana jones is awesome. They have a ride completely dedicated to that fact.

There is no Bibbity Bobbity Boutique in DisneyLand Paris. Only princess face painting. They have different color schemes and designs for each princess. 

Since the park stays open until the fireworks show , this can be very late for young children. It was 11 when the show started and it immediately closed afterward. They have to do the show so late because in France the sun doesn't set until around 10:30 - 11 PM in the Summer. In the Winter, I am sure the park will close much earlier.

Most of the directions and storytelling is in French. Some cast members can speak English. Please don't assume everyone speaks English because its an American owned company. You are still in France! Funny thing is though, most of the songs for parades and shows are sung in English by British cast members. 

Everyone smokes every where. There are designated smoking areas but I'm not sure anyone notices or cares. Please note that when you go. 

I brought my purse on every ride I went on. Just tucked it around my legs and it was fine. I took it on multiple rides that went upside down. If a ride is a little more extreme, they will provide you with somewhere to put your bag safely. I saw back packs on rides as well. No need to worry about that!

Sorry for the bad shot, but you never know who you might see!

As with all Disney Hotels, staying in the hotel has its perks. You can get the Extra Magic Hours, less travel time to and from the parks, and I think more Fast Passes? I didn't stay in Disney Hotel because it was too expensive for just little ole me.

Driving to the park was so worth it. It costs $15 for small cars. I'm sure taking a train is much cheaper, but I loved the fact that I could just hop in my car and leave whenever I wanted. I do know for a fact that there is a train that goes straight there if you are traveling from Paris. 

Well thats about it for Magic Kingdom. I had the best day traveling around DisneyLand Paris. I felt like a kid again. Does anybody have any tips to add? I hope you all have a magical day!

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