Monday, June 29, 2015

Top Tips for Disneyland Paris Resort: Walt Disney Studios Park

This park has some very big differences from the Magic Kingdom park in Disneyland Paris. For starters, they brought in the single rider line, which made it quite easy for me to conquer this park in less than 5 hours. So that makes a maximum of three different lines you could enter the ride by: the single rider, the fast pass, and the normal line. Please remember, the single rider line WILL split you up! So many people take it because it is the shorter line, and then get upset when their group is split up. You will also bypass a lot of the exhibits that usually happens along the way in the line. If you want to see those, best stick to the normal line.

Crush's Coaster does not have a fast pass line. It is the only ride I could find that would actually need it though besides Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster.

Bag storage is available on all rides when you cannot place it at your feet. If there is no bag storage, that means it is safe to wrap it around your legs and put the bag under your legs. My camera bag stayed safe and sound that way!

Like in Magic Kingdom, Disney Studios showcases similar rides as Disney World Florida or the Original DisneyLand. Rockin' roller coaster is one of them, but it is a lot more bumpy and jerky. My head started to hurt about halfway through. Tower of Terror also looked similar, but I have a fear of falling so I didn't try it.

Get here early! I arrived at 9:45 AM and was able to conquer a lot of the rides before 11:00 AM. It might have also been since that day was supposed to rain. Only the determined and those who already paid probably showed up.

This park is a VERY small park. If I had to guess, I would say this whole park is the about the size of Fantasyland. Maybe slightly bigger since it needed to be a whole park. Google says it comes in at 62 acres though.

Don't forget to pay your respects to Mickey and Mr. Walt Disney as you walk in!

And remember everyone, this all began with a mouse. <3

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