Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Belgium Series: Brugge

Yippee! On to one of my favorite towns in Belgium, and that is Brugge! Brugge is a great little tourist town that is always talked about by travel enthusiasts, including one of my favorites The Blonde Abroad. She talks about all kinds of beers to drink all over Belgium if you want to take a look. But back to the topic at hand...

Welcome to Brugge! Its a tiny town in north west Belgium known for its Fairy-tale look, canals, and everything Belgian you can think of. Here are a couple of the main sites that I would recommend:

The Clock Tower. You can climb all the way to the top and see a great view of Brugge and the Belgian countryside.

A beautiful cathedral with gardens and shops of all kinds all around it. You can buy chocolate, rare beers, and one of the best things ever, Belgian lace.

Brugge is also famous for its many canals throughout the center of the city. You can even take a boat tour that is pretty inexpensive around the city. If I remember correctly, it lasted about 30 minutes tops and I was able to see some great views that I wouldn't have seen, including...

Close-ups of swans! Aren't they gorgeous? I was able to get this close and capture this beautiful love scene.

Oh and did I mention that there is a Kathe Wolfart store here? Have you ever heard of it? Its basically a Bulgarian Christmas store that is only found in South Germany (Bulgaria) and Brugge! I highly recommend going there because I was able to find SO much Christmas items that I never would have found any where else. I'll make sure to show them to you when Christmas rolls around this year.

Don't forget to stop at the De Halve Maan. Its the last remaining family owned brewery in Brugge. They have a brewery tour, but if you don't have time, just order the beer at one of Brugge's many amazing restaurants.

Another thing you should try is mayonnaise on your fries! I know it sounds disgusting, but its actually quite amazing. Their mayo does not taste like our Hellman's or Duke's. It has its own flavoring that I am honestly missing right now. Another thing to try is the Beef Stew. Its kind of like a pot roast, but tastes amazing! Especially with fries...

Well thats Brugge in a nutshell. I highly encourage going their if you need to do some souvenir shopping or just for a lazy weekend! Have a great day everyone!

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