Monday, August 10, 2015

Belgium Series: De Haan, Belgium

I have a feeling that not many of you out there understand how cool Belgium actually is. So over the next couple of weeks, I will do a Belgium series where I will talk about the different towns I visited while living there! To kick off my Belgium series, I thought I would start with De Haan. Someone from work told us to go here and we went on a whim one weekend. It is an absolutely gorgeous if not tiny beach town in north west Belgium. As with all beach towns, how long you stay is up to you. We
 went for a day and it was perfect.

It wasn't quite warm enough for bathing suits in my case, but I'm also from Georgia and I require at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit for a bathing suit.

I recommend getting an ice cream at an Australian ice cream store. They put real cookies in the Spekuloos ice cream! Don't forget to drink some beer as well.

Take walk along the boardwalk. Especially on a sunny day. It's gorgeous. 

Lastly, walk around and view the houses. They are all styled so differently, yet they work together.

And of course with all beach towns, don't forget to shop! This town had a lot of cute stores that I wish I could have shopped at.

Or you can hop on the train and head to the next beach town!

Lastly, just enjoy the view.

And now I really want to go to the beach here in the US. Maybe I could get a quick trip in somewhere? Haha. Readers, where is your favorite place to go to the beach?

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