Friday, August 14, 2015

Crazy Love Post: August 14, 2015

Who is ready for the weekend? This chick! I've got a pool party and an IKEA date that I am super excited about. I have a new bedding and will be getting new throw pillows because of that (look out for an update). Of course, I will still be tidying up my last couple of posts about my Europe travels.

Also, noow I have two new favorite websites to shop from. They are called Casa and Amara. I will admit. I am now obsessed. Although, these might be used more for inspiration because pillows go for like $200 on both of the websites. Schoowee no can do bub. I'm on a purge. Speaking of purges, help me make some money to spend on my apartment by shopping at my Poshmark closet! No trades, but reasonable offers are allowed! And I'll bundle anything you like!

Lastly, I think I am in love. I have found the holy grails of Cat Lady items. There is a delivery box called CatLadyBox. They deliver cat themed items or even cat goods to your doorstep. I am in heaven. However, its around $30 a box. I haven't been able to afford a new throw pillow yet, so I don't think I can do it just yet. I will tell you that it is the top of my list of to-dos.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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