Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Hang Picture Frames Using Excel

Oh Goodness May! My first real DIY blog post in a long time. Can you feel the excitement in the air? In addition, its a DIY post involving Excel! I finally can fulfill a promise I made to you. So my sister-in-law showed me this awesome thing on how she designed how to hang her frames for her stairs using Microsoft Excel. She wanted to hang them all on a diagonal and by using Excel she was able to get the exact measurements so that nothing was off (it also helped that my brother is pretty handy with a hammer and measuring tape). Anywho, she gave me this idea. I give all credit to her.

If any of my friends are out there reading this, they know that I am average with a hammer and screwdriver. I can get some IKEA instructions backwards every now and then, but really, who hasn't? Okay so how this works. You need to have everything measured beforehand. That means you need to know exactly what frames you are going to hang and where you are going to hang them. Then, you create a worksheet with the same dimensions. How do you do this you ask? Make each square an inch by an inch (or half an inch by half an inch or centimeter by centimeter or however you want to do it). Then, you also draw your frames with their exact measurements. It will look something like this:

So precise right? And you can see the exact measurements of where everything should go. Before you start hanging, please double check all of your measurements. I started hanging and had read centimeters instead of inches when I first measured. I actually had to re-measure and re-do the whole wall. So, the next step is to hang them up! This is the step that I am the worst at and why I am using this method. I'm like Tim Taylor from Home Improvement. I try really hard and somehow miss the mark entirely, as seen from my mistakes mentioned above.

Well there you have it! I somehow did it. Yes I pulled like twenty Tim Taylor's to get it there, and if you look closely, you can see all of the spackle that is lined around the frames. However, they are all up now! I am unfortunately not savvy enough to use nails, so I tried using command strips. Sometimes you have to use what you are good at, and that is command strips for me. BUT then around 2 AM two of the frames fell and one shattered. Hence there are two gaps on my wall. When I took these pictures, I was re-constructing one frame and cleaning up the mess of the other one. But basically this is how it works and now I have a gallery wall. YAY! Its a dream come true. So what do you think?

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