Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Faux Water Faux Flowers

Want flowers all year long? Then this is the blog for you. I found this idea from Living Beautifully

Here are my peonies that currently "live" on my dresser.

What you'll need:
faux flowers
a vase
Craft flower water (clear resin) *I found mine at Michaels

1) Make sure to clean out the vase for any stickiness or dust. The glue will trap it in there and that won't make it very attractive! 

2) Arrange the flowers however you want them, and don't forget to cut them to the right length. Once the glue is in the vase, you only have a few seconds to place the flowers in the vase perfectly.

3) Follow the directions on the resin box. I did the boiling method (fill a pot with water and stick the bottle in it to melt it). If you decide you want to do multiple flowers, best to do it all at once. Once the bottle partially fills with air, its hard to keep it in a pot of boiling water for a second go. 

4) Once the resin is dry, it looks amazing! I have a habit of killing anything that is green and living. This way I can have flowers all year round!

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