Saturday, March 15, 2014

Glass Bottle Makeover

A while back in college, I was really bored and came across this little gem. I decided to do it last Spring for my new apartment. In this blog, Turnstyle Vogue shows us how to paint glass bottles, and turn them into creative decor for your home. By following her directions, I was able to create these little beauties:

Supplies needed:
-Glass bottles with labels peeled off (might be a good idea to wash anything out of it too)
-Bronze Metallic Spray paint
-Colored Spray paint or any other kind of spray paint (I've seen people used chalk paint)

I used a Crown Royal bottle and an Amaretto bottle. I first sprayed both of them with the bronze metallic paint. Then, I let it dry. For the second layer, I used White Spray paint and Gold touch-up paint (It was my mom's), and applied the paint to the whole bottle, except for the lid. I let that dry. Then I took some sandpaper and sanded the edges until I got this look. Lastly, I covered the whole bottle with Modpodge to make sure it stays. Nifty, ain't it? They make my living room look a little nicer for some reason!

Image Map

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