Friday, July 24, 2015

Crazy Love Post: July 24, 2015


Last week I bought an IKEA desk and built it for my new office space. Now I'm in the mood to shop for it! All of these can work for your home desk or your office at work. And lets be honest, a couple of these can be used as Christmas gifts if you want to go ahead and start shopping.

Wire baskets are a great way to collect items that don't seem to fit anywhere else. I found some at Anthropolgie and the Container Store. If you want to choose a certain color, my recommendation is to buy some from the Dollar Store and use spray paint. It works wonders!

Another great way of organizing your desk is with some cute binder clips. Here are some from Anthropologie, Kate Spade, and Target. Or you can get some normal ones and use washi tape to decorate them!

Everyone needs some sort of desk pad. This one from Anthropologie comes with all of the fixins. It has sticky pads for quick notes, a weekly calendar to jot important things down, and of course a to-do list! Kate Spade also has a cute Telegram notepad and sticky note set that comes in pink or blue.

Lastly, everyone needs a desk calendar. Its a great way of decorating your desk and jotting important items down. These Travel The World and Cities calendars really inspire you to visit new places. If you want something a little more femine, this Les Femmes Desk Calendar or this Les Femmes Calendar are great choices for you. Lastly, for all of my coffee loving friends, here is a coffee-inspired calendar for you.

I hope you all have a great weekend

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